Simulated Longwall Fall Recovery Training Facility

Wilson Mining Services is a mining service provider that currently provides strata stabilisation and ventilation control devices to the Australian mining industry. The company specialises in the recovery of longwall roof falls by injecting the industry’s leading cavity fill product ROCSIL ® FOAM into the strata and up into roof cavities to enable longwall faces to safely return to normal operations. Highly skilled and experienced operators are necessary to undertake this specialist activity.

Current operator training programs are undertaken in classrooms and underground during actual fall recovery jobs. Due to limited opportunities and constraints with conducting training in hazardous work environments, alternative training arrangements were investigated and evaluated. This involved consultation with RTO’s and visits to training facilities in NSW and QLD. The investigation resulted in the development of a novel portable simulated longwall fall recovery training facility suitable for use either standalone, on the surface at company or customer sites, or incorporated into larger training facilities to provide a complete underground experience.

A design was developed, longwall support frames were fabricated and assembled to mimic a section of longwall face. The initial set-up at the company’s Gateshead office in NSW involves a series of adjustable support frames that have been fitted with functional services and communication to provide a readily accessible, safe and controlled longwall face environment.

In a separate location, a dedicated training pump is set-up so that training can be conducted concurrently in both the pump and face injection operations. Complete jobs will be set-up and scenarios run using groups of trainees in a much more practical, efficient and safe manner than on-the-job training.

The facility is suitable for:

  • company new starter, upskill and refresher operator training,
  • supervisor training and
  • training operators sourced from other companies as part of alliance agreements

Due to its portable design, the facility can be relocated to other sites in NSW or QLD to meet the future training needs of the business. It can also be used for training in other chemical types, such as resin injection, or longwall services such as drilling.

Wilson Mining is proud to have pioneered the use of phenolic foam material to recover longwall faces in Australia back at Moranbah North mine in 2002. The simulated longwall fall recovery training facility is yet another company first and highlights the company’s on-going commitment to source and train highly skilled operators to safely recover falls at Australian longwall mines.

For further information on the company’s activities, products and services please contact:

Mitcham Ostle – Director Marketing and Sales
Mob: 0417 224 852