Secondary Support

WM has a fleet of Clark mobile drill rigs available for secondary support and specialised drilling services.

WM uses Clark Series 5000 mobile drill rigs to conduct secondary support and drilling services. The drill rig is a compressed air powered, crawler tracked unit that is designed for either vertical, horizontal or angled drilling. The unit complies with NSW Mines Department guidelines MDG1, MDG22, MDG35 and MDG41.


  • Dimensions 1200 mm wide, 1950 mm high and 4600 mm transport length
  • Weight 4500 kg
  • Joy HFX telescopic drill feed frame
  • Drill mast can rotate around 3600
  • Maximum air consumption 600 cfm
  • Max 1 in 6 operational grade
  • Lobster attachment option used to feed cables and grip drill steels


  • Roof bolts
  • Long tendons, cablebolts, Mega bolts
  • Rib bolts
  • Horizontal in-seam drilling
  • Floor drilling