The Quickseal is a flexible stopping ventilation control device suitable for 2 or 5 psi rating seals.

The stopping design is based upon a tough woven flexible fabric material held in place by mesh, chemically anchored roof and rib bolts and a specially shaped washer assembly. A blue coloured impermeable bonded layer is used to seal each side of the fabric to provide important fire resistant anti-static (FRAS) properties. Full scale explosion pressure tests were successfully conducted on the 2 psi Quickseal at TestSafe’s Londonderry NSW facility.


  • Quick & easy to install.
  • More cost effective than sprayed cementitious type stoppings.
  • Unique flexibility –capable of taking significant convergence without affecting explosion rating.
  • Impermeable, fire resistant, anti-static composite substrate.
  • Easily secured & effectively sealed to surrounding strata.
  • Optional integrated man doors or regulators.
  • No dust or fumes generated during installation.
  • Explosion rating is reached immediately on completion of installation.
  • Can be supplied as a palletised kit for mines to install once a training package has beendelivered to mine personnel.
  • Significantsavings on underground materials transport –transport costs reduced by up to 95%.


WMS is developing a novel 20 psi Flexible seal product. For more details on this new product see our new products page.