OKA Rock Bolt R&D Project

Self drilling bolts can deliver significant health and safety improvements, productivity gains and cost benefits to industry. Furthermore it is a key enabler to full automation whereby operators are completely removed from the roadway support process. Given the importance of roadway development for longwall mining operations and bord and pillar operations alike, a step change improvement in the roadway support process can have a significant impact upon the whole mining operation.

OKA Rock Bolt Technologies Pty Ltd (OKA Company) is a privately owned company established to develop and commercially exploit an innovative type of self drilling bolt known as the OKA Rock Bolt Technology (OKA bolt). The company has patented the OKA bolt and is about to undertake a production trial to prove the technology as an operating system. The core innovation is a novel injection system including pumpable resins. It is currently set up for semi-automation but with further refinement will allow full automation to current rock bolting systems.

The Australian coal industry (via ACARP Project C25058 ) has funded underground trials to prove the technology. WMS has provided labour and workshop facilities to assist with the trials.

For further information on the company’s activities, products and services please contact:
Mitcham Ostle – Director Marketing and Sales
Email: mitcham.ostle@wilsonmining.com.au
Mob: 0417 224 852