North Goonyella Mine Remote Seals

From September 2018, Wilson Mining Services (WMS) has been assisting Peabody’s North Goonyella Mine in Queensland combat an underground heating event. This involved the rapid installation of temporary seals into mine roadways, drifts and mine fan using novel remote application methods.

WMS has developed capability to conduct remote sealing activities over the last 15 years at several mine operations through-out Australia and NZ. In the case of North Goonyella the requirements were:

1. To inject ROCSIL ® FOAM product via a single 340m borehole to create a series of vent plugs to isolate a heating event in the longwall panel, and

2. On the surface with exclusion zones in place to remotely seal the mine entries during a mine fire event

Labour, equipment and materials were mobilised, risk assessments undertaken and safe work procedures developed to successfully install a series of ROCSIL ® FOAM seals to the satisfaction of the client. Remarkedly, no camera was used for the borehole vent plugs and remote-controlled equipment (mobile vehicle and drone) was used for the mine entry seals.

The work program was an integral part of a containment plan developed by the mine owner Peabody Energy. WMS is proud to have supported a major customer deal with this critical event. The work at North Goonyella highlights WMS’s capability to quickly respond to emergency situations and deliver safe and effective world-class results.

For more details on mine firefighting methods with ROCSIL ® FOAM visit Weber Mining.

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