New Sites being mobilised to meet increase in demand for underground mining contract work

Wilson Mining Services (WMS) is expanding to meet increased underground mining contract work demand, with four new underground coal mine sites being mobilised in the last month. The mines in NSW are Integra (Glencore) for drift remediation works, Narrabri (Whitehaven) for labour hire and chemical stabilisation and Moolarben (Yancoal) for ventilation seals. WMS will also provide longwall mining services work to Kestrel mine (Rio Tinto) for the current longwall panel.

These services include 20psi design rated ventilation seals, secondary support, strata consolidation and bullgang process work.

Job ads are currently being run in both NSW and Qld for experienced operators to meet increased labour requirements. These new work opportunities strengthen the company’s commitment to providing continued pathways/job security for permanent employees.

For further information on the company’s activities, products and services please contact:
Mitcham Ostle – Director Marketing and Sales
Mob: 0417 224 852