Hard Rock

With extensive experience in cavity and void filling, general consolidation, water ingress and air control, Wilson Mining provide process improvement and value creation for safe, optimal ore recovery in underground hard rock mines.

We offer services in:


Grouting around Raise Bore Foundations

to assist with the ground consolidation of weak weathered ground formations/ inter burden layers. This is a quicker alternative compared to the normal instances where the weak inter burden layers are excavated and where mass concrete is used to build up from a solid bedrock level to a point where the raise bore foundation/shaft collar can be established.


Cavity Filling

ROCSIL ® FOAM is a two-component phenolic resin product used for cavity filling, air and gas sealing, firefighting and stabilisation of highly fractured strata. Its most common use is to fill cavities formed by:

  • Longwall roof falls
  • Cavity filling of voids around Set Installations.
  • Cavity filling of Sample Tunnel Excavations.
  • Cavity filling of Collapsed Tunnel Excavations

General Consolidation & Water Sealing