Corporate Strategy

WMS has a clear mission and unique competitive advantage.

We have been successful in the key areas of our business and will continue to improve all aspects of our operations to satisfy our customers, improve and expand our business.


Our mission is “to work safely, consistently meeting customer expectations and legal requirements, to enhance customer satisfaction through effective application of our products and services.”

Competitive Advantage

WMS is the market leader in cavity fill, strata consolidation and ventilation control devices for the Australian coal mining industry. We supply a range of highly specialised products and services and are proud to have pioneered the introduction of phenolic cavity fill and injection products to greatly improve the safety and productivity of industry.

Key to our success are:

  • High quality specialised products
  • Strong brand
  • Established markets in NSW and QLD

  • Our people
  • Supply chain
  • Innovation

Continuous Improvement

A key strength of our business has been our ability to identify a market or customer need and to source or develop a high quality and cost-effective solution to satisfy that need.

We are currently working on an exciting range of new products and services and to establish new markets and customers. A priority is to develop bulk chemical handling systems there by reducing manual handling and chemical exposure risks with the added benefits of improved logistics and efficiency of operations. These developments put WMS at the forefront in underground coal chemical application techniques.

Setting The Standard

WMS continues to set the standard in safety, performance and innovation.