25 Year Milestone for Polyurethane Resin (PUR) Strata Stabilisation Services

Wilson Mining Services (WMS) is celebrating 25 years of servicing the Australian underground coal industry with strata stabilisation services  using polyurethane resin (PUR). The company first introduced polyurethane resin (PUR) in 1993 at BHP’s Teralba mine. The two-component product is ideally suited to consolidate and confine fractured ground with excellent flexibility and adhesion properties. It can also be formulated to seal water inflows in the strata and around ventilation seals and bulkhead seals. This versatile product now has widespread use across the underground coal industry.

Other products and services introduced by the company include Rocsil, a phenolic foam used for filling roof cavities and Fenoflex, a phenolic resin alternative to PUR. This broader range of products puts the company at the forefront of managing broken strata, water inflows and roof cavities in underground coal mines.

WMS undertakes these services using specialised equipment and highly trained operators under licenced conditions. The company has developed safe management systems and undertakes regular occupational health and safety audits and workplace monitoring to ensure these systems are strictly adhered to.

Our capability has been proven on a wide range of jobs including routine, customised and emergency services for clients. WMS is proud to have serviced industry over this period and has contributed to making the Australian underground coal industry one of the safest and most productive in the world today.

Thanks to our staff and operators who have contributed to our success and reputation for safety and reliability.

For further information on the company’s activities, products and services please contact:
Mitcham Ostle – Director Marketing and Sales
Email: mitcham.ostle@wilsonmining.com.au
Mob: 0417 224 852