a) Quick & easy to install.

b) More cost effective than sprayed cementitious type stoppings.

c) Unique flexibility – capable of taking significant convergence without affecting explosion rating.

d) Impermeable, fire resistant, anti static composite substrate.

e) Over pressure design rated 2psi & 5psi systems.

f) Easily secured & effectively sealed to surrounding strata.

g) Optional integrated man doors or regulators.

h) No dust or fumes generated during installation.

i) Explosion rating is reached immediately on completion of installation.

j) Can be supplied as a palletised kit for Mines to install once a training package has been
delivered to mine personnel.

k) Significant savings on underground materials transport – transport costs reduced by up to 95%.

Innovative 2psi & 5psi Ventilation Stoppings


Supplied …


Rating ______ Psi

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Wilson Mining specialises in providing underground drilling, supply and installation of underground ventilation control devices, the installation of secondary support systems including polyurethane injection, fenoflex injection and cavity filling.