Fenoflex Resin Injection

The FENOFLEX® strata injection system is a flexible two component product which provides major improvements in both safety and productivity when compared to current polyurethane injection systems.

Fenoflex has a low maximum exothermic temperature regardless of volume pumped. It will not burn and is antistatic. The chemical A & B Components of Fenoflex presents reduced risk for health problems and is compared to household detergents and cement.

Fenoflex improves productivity utilising 600kg of product quantity pumped per hole. This can result in less holes that need to be drilled and pumped.

Fenoflex meets the DMT requirements for adhesive strength with
Injection carried out using a metering pump and mixing gun.

In addition to its bonding and compression strength, FENOFLEX® injection system offers excellent elastic qualities which maintain stabilization even after ground movements.


a) Good penetration into fine cracks and fissures.

b) Forms strong bond with the strata

c) Good flexibility, tolerates subsequent ground movement.

d) High mechanical resistance with improved strata support.

e) Maximum exotherm 60°C – regardless of volume.

f) 600kg volume limit per hole.

g) Fire resistant – will not burn.

h) Antistatic

i) Excellent migration


a) Stabilisation of fractured and unstable ground.

b) Sealing against water ingress.

c) Strata sealing-air / gas leakage.

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Fenoflex Equipment & Accessories

Multipurpose pump.
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Our packers have been specifically designed to seal grout holes in underground mines. The packers are expanded to seal tightly against the sides of the grout hole to prevent the backflow of grout.
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