Micon Ers And Bulkhead System
Micon Ers (Explosion Resistant Seal)

The Micon ERS (Explosion Resistant Seal) from Wilson Mining Services has now become the benchmark for quality seals and bulkheads in the Australian mining industry since its introduction in 1996.

The system was developed by Micon Inc US and has been successfully tested at the US Bureau of Mines Lake Lynn facility, at the request of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

All the following design criteria have been met for the seal as set out by the US Mine Ventilation Standards and Regulations.

a) 20 psi over pressure

b) Burn through rating of 1 hour. The Micon ERS exceeded this requirement by 4 hours.

The Micon ERS has set new standards for sealing effectiveness with zero leakage being recorded after the 20psi Explosion Resistant Test.
Currently in the US mining industry the Micon ERS due to its design holds a significant share of the explosion resistant seal market.

The Micon ERS can also be designed for other over pressure ratings including 50 Psi depending on ventilation requirements,
The Micon seal system can also be used for water bulkheads due to their high quality and integrity.

The MICON EXPLOSION RESISTANT SEAL design consists of two surface-bonded, dry-stacked, concrete block stopping walls spaced depending on the height and rating required. MICON 550 polyurethane and gravel fills the void between the stoppings providing a complete seal. To meet fire standard requirements, the seal is coated with a suitable surface coating.

With the development of the MICON EXPLOSION RESISTANT SEAL, Wilson Mining Services continues its tradition of innovative techniques and products to meet the requirements of today’s operations. This unique seal with its uncomplicated design offers significant advantages over alternative cement based seals.

The MICON EXPLOSION RESISTANT SEAL incorporates a construction method that features a composite structure comprised of special MICON high-tech polymer material and, sturdy materials of stone and concrete block. The integration of these materials creates a simple but revolutionary seal that is fast and easy to construct.
The Micon seal meets the newly revised requirements of 30 CRF75.335-2 for explosion-resistant 20 psi. seals. In testing a 2m high by 6m wide MICON EXPLOSION RESISTANT SEAL with stone and polymer core withstood the substantial explosion force of 20 psi., the 20psi MICON EXPLOSION RESISTANT SEAL was also exposed to a explosive force of 35 psi with the core of the seal sustaining little damage and remained intact.

Micon Seal / Bulkhead History

a) The polymer core has expansion and cohesive properties not available in other seal materials

b) Faster curing time to become explosion rated

c) Is designed around flexural strength not compressive

d) Is explosion tested at an internationally recognized facility

e) The seal is not affected by water once constructed

f) Fast installation time

g) Quality controlled construction

h) No cold joint issues if construction is stopped during construction process

i) Atmosphere sampling tubes, drain pipes and water traps may be added as required

j) More cost effective in mines with ground movement, gas and spontaneous combustion & water accumulation issues

k) Demonstrates tolerance to ground convergence without affecting integrity or rating of seal

Block Walls

Installing Gravel

Pouring The Core

Micon Seal Site Set Up

Micon Water Bulkhead

In Situ Performance

a) As deformation occurs the core absorbs / flexes and maintains a seal.

b) The PUR core is glued to each block.

c) Should convergence be predicted to be greater than 10%, timber convergence layers can be included in between layers of blocks in the
Seal to minimise crushing of the blocks.

d) An appropriate secondry support plan should be integrated with the construction of the Micon Seal.

NOTE: Micon Seals at various mines have accommodated 900mm of convergence without leakage through the core.

Quality Testing

a) Quality Assurance – Wilson Mining Services are a quality endorsed company to ISO 9001:2000. All aspects of Micon Seal Construction
have been developed within the guidelines of our quality management system.

b) Materials – PUR is blended in Sydney to Micon Inc. specifications.

c)Training of Personnel – Wilson Mining Services have a comprehensive training program.

d) Installation – The PUR and gravel are a matched system that will ensure correct core density.

e) Completion – A unique identification sign is attached to each seal on completion for QA tracability.

Advantages Compared To Cement Systems

a) Explosion resistant within one hour of completion.

b) Has shown to be capable of managing roadway convergence without diminishing pressure rating.

c) PUR contours to the perimeter of the roadway. PUR has excellent adhesive properties and forms an excellent air tight seal.

d) No hitching or keying required for Ventilation Micon seals.

e) Not affected by water.

f) Monolithic expansion ensures the Micon Seal remains stable.

g) Not affected by cold jointing. Each PUR layer fuses onto the previous.

h) Accurate pumping of Part A : Part B to ensure accurate placing of the core.

i) Recognised as the world’s best practice for explosion resistant and bulkhead seals.

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